Weekend Update

The Weekend Update

Im taking this Sunday (and hopefully every Sunday) to get ahead for the week,

Don’t Be The Same, Be Better

Sometimes we struggle to get to, and then stay where we are.  It’s hard to remember, after all the hard days and long nights we’ve all put in, that whatever we all do is not about keeping up with the Joneses.  It’s about being better.

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Weekend Update #2

Update:  These Weekend Updates are actually hard to write.  It’s clear I’m disorganized in every aspect, so it may take a few weeks to get my updates straight.

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You Gotta Hear This: Everybody has a Hungry Heart

I really wanted to do something on the weekends for you guys, and I think this is it.  Amongst everything else I do, when I was younger I was quite the smashing musician.  I can play it all: guitar, piano, bass, drums, didgeridoo, djembe.  Seriously.  I can, and have, written a lot of my own music, put out some albums and have, I think, a very odd/eclectic/varied taste that can appeal to everyone.  With that in mind, here is one of my favorites:

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Is It Friday Yet?

Its the gateway to the weekend, the final hurrah, the busy week is over, finally a chance to relax.  It’s Friday.

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List Inception: 10 reasons Lists rule

Everywhere you turn, there’s a list for your next chore, or idea.

My Facebook feed is cluttered with the age-old blogging tradition ‘Random things about me‘, where friends list the most random and intimate things they have done or thought about. Facebook and Twitter and Blogs are full of ’10 Great Books to Read’, ‘6 Places to Live’, ‘9 Reasons You Need to…’ etc etc etc. Before social media, David Letterman made his bread and butter with his Top 10.

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