Crackle & Pop: Mindful Vibes, Episode One

I came across this track perhaps during work, looking for something solid to steam.  I don’t even know what genre to call this.  It’s essentially a blend of Hip Hop beats and Jazz music looped – the channel calls this Jazz Hop.  What a perfect name.  I could work all day to this.

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Spam from Hogwarts

Do Wizards even get Spam?

Thursday Thoughtfulness

“If there was one word that could act as a standard of conduct for one’s entire life,  perhaps it would be thoughtfulness” – Confucius

Workout Log // Day Six

Last week, I added some simple movement based body weight exercises, designed to help with every day life.  This is also the last day of September.  Hard to believe soon it will be Winter.  Let’s finish up strong.

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How To Make A To-Do List

As we’ve discussed, a To-do list is a great way to prioritize, organize and make a start into a better, more organized life.  Its hard to get started, and harder to keep going, but with the right attitude and some easy steps, a to-do list can because the start of a better life. How can you know where you are going, if you don’t know were you are?

This is how to write a to-do list

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