Coffee Cups

As readers of this blog may know, I like my coffee.  No, I love

Project Music

Somedays /nights, I sit at my deck, at my laptop, and work.  I have project and lists and thing to do, and sometimes I need to put my head down and type.  Or get my tools out and fix and re-solder that thing I’ve been meaning to.  Or sometimes I need to completely rebuild a computer.  There are tons of instances where I need to hunker down and ‘do’.  And I found music that really helps.

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14 Day Trend, My Foot.

Whelp, it official.  Its been too damn cold for too damn long.


The Three-A-Day Method

Feeling overwhelmed with a to do list?  Stacks of papers or mail piling up?  Have you ever moved and, after unpacking, realize this box of stuff is mostly junk but you don’t have time to organize it? Enter the three-a-day method.

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Workout Log // Day Four

I hit a new milestone and a new top speed.

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When I drive my perpetually dirty car, there are a few spots that always get dirtier than others.  There are spots where dirt collect and as a driver I try to find the most efficient way of keeping it out of the driver’s area.  That means stuffing garbage right beside me.

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Quotes for Men to Live By #3

In Albert Camus’ novel the Fall, Camus wrote this line in reference to Clemence’s collision between his self and his over inflated self-image.  There is a lot to be understood from this single line.

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Weekend Update: Computer Life Edition

As you can tell, I live behind a Computer.  I write here, and on a couple other blogs, and as an author I do a fair amount of research, reading, learning and general internet stuffs.  This has led to a problem:  my computers are full of junk

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Crackle & Pop: FireBall

Its been a busy week – like always – and my work as a chef can be very taxing.  It can also be a lot of fun, and this week was a great week.  Sometimes, there’s a thrill to running your own restaurant: the food is yours, the pride is yours, when its a party, you feel like you’re the host.  There’s nothing quite like it.  This was the soundtrack to a really great weekend.

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Thoughtful Thursday

An unexamined life is not worth living. –Socrates

Workout Log // Day Three

Workout Log //  Day Three

Every day makes a difference.

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