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Somedays /nights, I sit at my deck, at my laptop, and work.  I have project

Anatomy of the Arm

The First Exercise

If you've been following this blog, you know a bit about  the journey from

The Weekend Update: Moving

Well, this is some big(ger) news, and while it was not unexpected, when it happens, it just happens.  I havn’t really gotten the chance to blog about the process yet, or all the crazyness that has been involved, but long story short: I’m moving.  No, not the blog (again!).  Me personally.  Into a new building.  Ill catch you up soon.

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You Gotta Hear This: Morning Motivation

This weekend I want to share something I listen to when I’ve had a tough week.  If you are staring down a deadline, just listen.

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A Curious Thought

I had a curious thought just now.

The Internet, being such a big open place with everything there ever was and is stuffed in it, is a repository of all the things.  Anything you want to learn, read, watch, hear, understand, research or comment on is Online.

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The Sleep Project: Waking Up

A lot of how you and I feel during the day depends on how well we sleep. Our health, and happiness are determined directly by how long and how well we sleep. If there is one aspect of my life that perhaps needs the most hacking, and is easiest to hack, it might be my sleep schedule.

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Workout Log // Day Four

I hit a new milestone and a new top speed.

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