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I've been out of practice/shape for so long, and I'm so up to my

Desktop - April 2015

Wallpaper Wednesday

So, here we are.  Another Wednesday.  A co-worker asked me last week; 'Hey, what

Growing a Seedling


I am a strange product of a digital world. I've grown up with the Internet,

The Curious Case of the UnClean Car Part 1

I’ve had quite the cold recently, and the worst place to have a cold is in the car.  You can’t really blow your nose, after all – Hands on the wheel and all the that.  And when you sit down for a long time, your sinuses tend to run.  Bad Deal.  This has really made a poor impression on my poor car.

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Don’t Be The Same, Be Better

Sometimes we struggle to get to, and then stay where we are.  It’s hard to remember, after all the hard days and long nights we’ve all put in, that whatever we all do is not about keeping up with the Joneses.  It’s about being better.

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On Cleaning Like a Man.

Taking care of a home is no simple, easy chore.  Even just a single person living alone can create huge amounts of dirt and disorganization that can slow a life down.  Being clean and organized is an important part of a healthy and better lifestyle.  Me?  Well I really need to get on that cleaning thing.

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Finally, I get to talk about me. Me, me, me, me – All me. I know a lot of people love talking about themselves — it’s refreshing to offload all the thoughts in your mind — but it’s also extremely hard.

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The Baby-Steps Method

Big, life-altering changes are few and far between. We all make big, grand, sweeping statements about losing all that extra weight, getting rid of all your debt, exercising every day and doing all those things you always say you’ll do or resolve to be every new years.

If you want all those things, you can have them, sure. However, going all in isn’t really the way to get there. To truly change your life, you just need to take the smallest step in the right direction. You need the Baby-Steps Method.

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