Ok, by now you’ve heard all about website pop-ups, right?

In today’s internet, there’s a rule of bad marketing that says you MUSt use pop-up email subscriber goes if you want to even begin building an email list that will work.  And you must do so in under a week.

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Workout Log // Day Seven

#TGIF.  Sometimes, it surprises me that I’ve even made it to Friday, what with working 80 odd hours a week.  Tonight, however, its Friday.  It never hurts to finish up strong.

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Quotes for Men to Live By #4

This is a bit of a cynical quote from the first President of the USA, but Good ol’ G.W. was certainly insightful.  Everyone has a price, and few, strong-willed men are able to stand against it.  This is a quote of two tales.

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The Weekend Update: Nothing to Say

Sometimes, even I have nothing to say

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Crackle & Pop: Coffee House and Work

When I work on this blog, or that blog, or the other blog, or the thing about blogging, I do it from behind my laptop.  And behind the laptop is always a hot cup of coffee.  I get more done at a coffee house downtown than at home – too many distractions.  And when I’m out and about writing, this is one of my favorite tracks to listen to

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