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Somedays /nights, I sit at my deck, at my laptop, and work.  I have project


Coffee Cups

As readers of this blog may know, I like my coffee.  No, I love

Quotes for Men to Live By #5

It’s a long way up the food chain of business, and being at the top is often about proving yourself at the very bottom.

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Weekend Update: Bills

You, me and everyone alive today HATES paying bills.  It goes without saying.  As I was paying my heating bill, my insurance bill, my water bill, my Cable TV bill, my Internet Bill and my Cell Phone bill, a really obvious thought occurred to me.  Instead of grumble about it and forking over the money, how can I actually keep more of this money?  This is my money, how do I reduce my bills? Continue reading

What is a Home Network and How to Build One

Do you remember the very first telephones?  If you’ve seen the grainy black and white footage, you remember a bunch of operators sitting in one room, patching people through to who they wanted to be connected to.  Thanks to technology, our phones connect themselves.  Even cooler is that many different devices can communicate with each other when connected to a central hub.  This hub is a Network and you can build one for your own house very easily

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Looking back on a few mere weeks ago, progress become a beautiful thing to watch.  Just going for a basic run every day makes me feel better, clears my mind. Comparing myself now with the guy who started running at .5miles per hour makes me feel accomplished.

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White Wallpaper Wednesday

I tried using an intense solid black wallpaper, in part to keep organized and in part to keep me away.  It was a spectacular fail.  Let’s do a 360 and use stark white.

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A Curious Thought

I had a curious thought just now.

The Internet, being such a big open place with everything there ever was and is stuffed in it, is a repository of all the things.  Anything you want to learn, read, watch, hear, understand, research or comment on is Online.

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Quotes for Men to Live By #4

This is a bit of a cynical quote from the first President of the USA, but Good ol’ G.W. was certainly insightful.  Everyone has a price, and few, strong-willed men are able to stand against it.  This is a quote of two tales.

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Weekend Update: Computer Life Edition

As you can tell, I live behind a Computer.  I write here, and on a couple other blogs, and as an author I do a fair amount of research, reading, learning and general internet stuffs.  This has led to a problem:  my computers are full of junk

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You Gotta Hear This: Voice of Compassion

This weekend, I wanted to share something I first heard along time ago. I was looking up some very general ‘Realxing Music’ and I found this gem. It was instantly relaxing, stress-relieving and it’s this weekends Saturday Soundtrack, and You Gotta Hear This!

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Real Godzilla, Real Beauty

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