Mindful Mondays

Just Breathe

And so begins a new week. While running headlong straight through the week is

Weekend Update

The Weekend Update

Im taking this Sunday (and hopefully every Sunday) to get ahead for the week,


When I was in grade school, I started making lists. My to-do list of things to do outline my day in no real importance, noting I had school, then after-school practice, then homework, then perhaps some chores I needed/was required to get done.

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Don’t Be The Same, Be Better

Sometimes we struggle to get to, and then stay where we are.  It’s hard to remember, after all the hard days and long nights we’ve all put in, that whatever we all do is not about keeping up with the Joneses.  It’s about being better.

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What is a Home Network and How to Build One

Do you remember the very first telephones?  If you’ve seen the grainy black and white footage, you remember a bunch of operators sitting in one room, patching people through to who they wanted to be connected to.  Thanks to technology, our phones connect themselves.  Even cooler is that many different devices can communicate with each other when connected to a central hub.  This hub is a Network and you can build one for your own house very easily

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Thursday Thoughtfulness

“If there was one word that could act as a standard of conduct for one’s entire life,  perhaps it would be thoughtfulness” – Confucius

Start Here.

I’ve been out of practice/shape for so long, and I’m so up to my ears in different thoughts and exercises and philosophies on getting in shape that I’m lost. Completely, utterly dumbfounded.

And then I found Raphael.

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