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Looking back on a few mere weeks ago, progress become a beautiful thing to watch.  Just going for a basic run every day makes me feel better, clears my mind. Comparing myself now with the guy who started running at .5miles per hour makes me feel accomplished.

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Workout Log // Day Seven

#TGIF.  Sometimes, it surprises me that I’ve even made it to Friday, what with working 80 odd hours a week.  Tonight, however, its Friday.  It never hurts to finish up strong.

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Workout Log // Day Six

Last week, I added some simple movement based body weight exercises, designed to help with every day life.  This is also the last day of September.  Hard to believe soon it will be Winter.  Let’s finish up strong.

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Workout Log // Day Five

Happy Post-long weekend in Canada!  After a nice long relaxing break – more or less – the battle continues.  I know this exercise/experiment  started slow, literally, but watching the days and progress go by is quite impressive.

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Wednesday, October 22nd

Its another late Wednesday night.  Remember, the hardest step is always the first one out the door.

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