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How To Make A To-Do List

As we’ve discussed, a To-do list is a great way to prioritize, organize and make a start into a better, more organized life.  Its hard to get started, and harder to keep going, but with the right attitude and some easy steps, a to-do list can because the start of a better life. How can you know where you are going, if you don’t know were you are?

This is how to write a to-do list

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On Cleaning Like a Man.

Taking care of a home is no simple, easy chore.  Even just a single person living alone can create huge amounts of dirt and disorganization that can slow a life down.  Being clean and organized is an important part of a healthy and better lifestyle.  Me?  Well I really need to get on that cleaning thing.

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A Mild case of the (mid-week) Mondays

It’s surprising how often life gets in the way. I spent much of last week sick, and a lot of this week playing catch up.

I’m a chef, which means I work ridiculous hours almost every day, and I also write for Ions, the technology and science blog.  For those who don’t know, yesterday was a big day as Apple unveiled a few goodies. I took the day to help liveBlog the event and podcast some analysis after. Please check it out, shameless plug here.

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My Dresser; a Tale of Woe

This morning was a bad morning. It wasnt that it was boring, or that I kept myself up all night snoring. No, this tale is true and I need organization and consoling.

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