• What is a Home Network and How to Build One

    What is a Home Network and How to Build One

    Do you remember the very first telephones?  If you’ve seen the grainy black and white footage, you remember a bunch of operators sitting in one room, patching people through to who they wanted to be connected to.  Thanks to technology, our phones connect themselves.  Even cooler is that many different devices can communicate with each other when connected to a central hub.  This hub is a Network and you can build one for your own house very easily

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    My Home Network: Mark I

    When We finally get settled in after purchasing our newest Old home, we had some serious planning to do.  This house is OLD.  Build in 1908, its over 100 years old, meaning it predates a lot of the niceties that we enjoyed back in the downtown Loft.  Most notably, for my purposes, we the lack of proper internet.  Let’s be clear:  this house DOES predate electricity.

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    The Music Collection

    Christmas Chill

    This is a strange disc I picked up some years ago at, believe it or not, a Wal-Mart.  I’m not a Wal-Mart shopper; I prefer the mom and pop shops, the non-GMO foods and maybe some lighting that doesn’t want to make you tear your eyes out.  But for some reason, I found this gem.