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    New Level Unlocked: French

    I live in Ontario, Canada.  That means that there are two official languages: English and French.  In Ontario, and especially in the metropolitan areas, theres very few people who speak French over English.  Everyone speaks English, and some speak French.  Here, you have mandatory French class in every grade until grade 10.

  • LevelUp,  The Best Life

    Learning Languages

    As you can tell by this blog, I am a native English speaker.  As you can also tell by this blog, even my English is terrible.  Seriously however, I live in Ontario, Canada and in Ontario, the school system mandates French language class until you reach grade 10.  I took many of those classes, but my French is rusty.  My father was born in Portugal, and they obviously speak Portuguese.  Living in Toronto, I hear hundreds of different languages everywhere.  So, Im going to try to learn some of them.  It makes sense that I’ll start with the one I know best; French.

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    The Birthday

    Another Year.  I just hit a small milestone, but it was still another year.  I’m almost what people call mid-thirties and thats frightening for a lot of reasons, namely I have done nothing.  I don’t feel like I have much to be proud of or impressed with or that I have accomplished much.  Today, Im hitting pause, going to consider many things, like what this blog is about and start to live my best life.  Ive been waiting for along time, and that time has finally come.