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The Weekend Update: Moving

Well, this is some big(ger) news, and while it was not unexpected, when it happens, it just happens.  I havn’t really gotten the chance to blog about the process yet, or all the crazyness that has been involved, but long story short: I’m moving.  No, not the blog (again!).  Me personally.  Into a new building.  Ill catch you up soon.

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Weekend Update: Bills

You, me and everyone alive today HATES paying bills.  It goes without saying.  As I was paying my heating bill, my insurance bill, my water bill, my Cable TV bill, my Internet Bill and my Cell Phone bill, a really obvious thought occurred to me.  Instead of grumble about it and forking over the money, how can I actually keep more of this money?  This is my money, how do I reduce my bills? Continue reading Weekend Update: Bills

Weekend Update #2

Update:  These Weekend Updates are actually hard to write.  It’s clear I’m disorganized in every aspect, so it may take a few weeks to get my updates straight.

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The Weekend Update

Im taking this Sunday (and hopefully every Sunday) to get ahead for the week, and do a few things I really should be doing that I’m not. This is the beginning of my Weekend Update.

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The Weekend Update: Summer

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but this summer has been f#$%ing hot.  I mean, it’s always pretty hot: where I live, there are more than a couple days with 30 degrees celsius each month, June through September.  Add in the Humidex and it often feels like 35.  This summer is something else.

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