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WallPaper Wednesday: 3.1

When I was young, one of my first (color)  computers was a big box of a thing that ran Windows 3.1 OS.  I was amazed with the fancy Icons and the Windows and the Wallpaper; you could customize that computer to look however you wanted, more or less.  In rememberance of that childhood, I started using some of the old 3.1 Wallpapers.  And it makes me nostalgic.  They also hurt the eyes…

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White Wallpaper Wednesday

I tried using an intense solid black wallpaper, in part to keep organized and in part to keep me away.  It was a spectacular fail.  Let’s do a 360 and use stark white.

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Wallpaper Wednesday

So, here we are.  Another Wednesday.  A co-worker asked me last week; ‘Hey, what the hell is up with your desktop man?’  I thought he meant the cool layout, or widgets, or funky wallpaper.  Nope.  Turns out he meant the mess.

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