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Crackle & Pop: Stay in the House

Current Working mood be like:

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Crackle & Pop: Cruise

The first time I heard this song, I had the windows down, driving along some dirt road, blaring the radio and this song came on.  It was divine intervention.

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Crackle & Pop: Mindful Vibes, Episode One

I came across this track perhaps during work, looking for something solid to steam.  I don’t even know what genre to call this.  It’s essentially a blend of Hip Hop beats and Jazz music looped – the channel calls this Jazz Hop.  What a perfect name.  I could work all day to this.

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Crackle & Pop: Coffee House and Work

When I work on this blog, or that blog, or the other blog, or the thing about blogging, I do it from behind my laptop.  And behind the laptop is always a hot cup of coffee.  I get more done at a coffee house downtown than at home – too many distractions.  And when I’m out and about writing, this is one of my favorite tracks to listen to

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Bye Bye, Montreal

When I lived downtown in the big city, I played in a band.  After practice, I would drive towards the lake with a coffee and just sit.  It would be cold, leaf-less, and lonely.  And a favourite radio channel of mine, CBC Radio 2, played this song once as I fled the condo towers and sped through bare trees and old homes of High Park.  This song is how I felt back then.

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