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Christmas Chill

This is a strange disc I picked up some years ago at, believe it or not, a Wal-Mart.  I’m not a Wal-Mart shopper; I prefer the mom and pop shops, the non-GMO foods and maybe some lighting that doesn’t want to make you tear your eyes out.  But for some reason, I found this gem.

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Christmas Chill

So, some years ago, prior to the holidays, I must have found myself in a Walmart, and, as I recall, saw this for like….$10.  Its a double CD/Fireplace DVD, and one of my favourite genres is Christmas Jazz.  Something about it is nostalgic of the season.  Lights, the warm fire, Jazz, the snow.  It all works.

Now, I’ve never heard of either of these composers before (Richard Rossbach and some band called ‘Starlite’) but it’s pretty solid stuff.  The lounge is a little too loungy.  The Jazz is just right.  And it has a FirePlace DVD bonus.

A full 58 minutes!

Christmas Chill Jazz Lounge

Or at least it used to.

It could be ANYWHERE.  I have hundred of CDs, minimum.  So, ill keep looking, but keep your fingers crossed for me, yeah?

Still, the first CD is christmas-ey.  It looks good on the shelf.  A little lonely, but good.

Christmas Chill on the shelf
Better than an Elf on the Shelf

A small word on my organizational system:

Originally, I (being an insane audiophile) was going to organize all the CDs by Genre.

Its pretty typical, except a lot of my music is cross-genre.  Metal meets World.  Punk with Ska.  Some CDs have both Big Band and Jazz standard on them.  Would I be forced to keep, say, Lady Gaga separate from Lady Gaga’s Jazz duet with Tony Bennet. (Buy it, its amazing)

While we’re on the topic, what the hell is ‘Alternative’ Music?  Music that is different?  And Pop (short for popular)?  Isn’t all music popular to someone?  And World!  Well, most people mean ‘non-western’ I guess, but how does that work?  Zydeco is still cool by me 

So, for now, perhaps we should go by Alphabetically by Artist.  What does that mean for the Duet albums thought?  Yes, tricky.  I have the ‘Collision Course’ mashup album that fuses Jay-Z and Linkin Park.  So which is it?

ScreenCap 2015-03-10 at 12.57.40 PM

Then there are the CD’s with multiple Artists, Soundtracks, Scores, Classical Music, Compilations and, yes, this Jazz Album.

Every Genre.  Maybe
Each word is a different genre, placed to its closest related genres

In this case, I’m simply going to list this as ‘Holiday’.  We happen to have a lot of Christmas Albums, mostly compilations.  So:

by Artists. 
The Artists is 'Various'.
Under Various, this would be Holiday.  
Then Alphabetically by Title

If you know anything about this disc, because not even trusty iTunes can recognize it, please drop me a line in the comments below, or

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