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Crackle & Pop: Mindful Vibes, Episode One

I came across this track perhaps during work, looking for something solid to steam.  I don’t even know what genre to call this.  It’s essentially a blend of Hip Hop beats and Jazz music looped – the channel calls this Jazz Hop.  What a perfect name.  I could work all day to this.

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Mindful Vibes, Episode One

It’s mostly keys and horns, some light strings.  It’s repetitive, but right in the perfect spot for a groove.  It can be background, or it could be active listening.  If I’m at work coding, writing copy, even in my kitchen slicing and dicing or in the middle of a Saturday evening rush, it’s the perfect soundtrack to living.

The channel is called Mindful Music, and there’s a great variety of stuff to enjoy here.  Check the out, tell them I sent you.  Unwind, Dig in, get groovy and get to work.

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Richard James Lee is a Canadian-born Writer, Chef and Entrepreneur. He is the Editor in Chief of Ions and Chef of Kayak SmokeHouse in Toronto. His Printed Works include Dark City Streets and White.

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