Growing a Seedling


I am a strange product of a digital world.

I’ve grown up with the Internet, and thus unlimited access to really, anything I can want. Art, Music, Movies: it’s all out there, if you know where to look. Facebook has changed me, YouTube has changed me, and this thing called ‘LifeHacking‘ has changed me.

I consider myself a Lifehacker of the strongest degree: every aspect of my life that I see, I think about how I can improve it. My health, my job, my fitness, my diet, my music collection, my blog, the cleanliness of my kitchen, the organization of my fridge, the streetlights down the block, the bills I have to pay:

Everything can be better.

And step by step, post by post, I hope this blog is going to show/document/detail and discuss how I can do, and more to the point, how anyone really, can live the best life possible.

Now, I don’t consider myself very smart, save in but one way: I’ll sit down and I’ll learn anything. Electronics, HardWare, Coding, Cooking, Crafting, Carpentry – I figure if someone else has done it, I can too. If someone else was able to learn and perfect a skill, why can’t I? Some people say we are limited by our genetics, some say certain natural talents give some people a leg up in life.

I say baloney.

Seedlings Growing

Talent, I believe, can give you a leg up, sure. But nothing can replace heart and passion and desire in a craft — any craft. If you read science, you know darn well that genetics is no longer a limiting factor.

I believe in hacking life.

Are you short? Exercises can help, so can Vitamins, supplements and Human Growth Hormones. Got a bad ear for music? Train yourself. Not as flexible as you want? Work on it with Yoga. Can’t cook? Just cook. Take vitamins, supplement, do yoga, do whatever it takes to be who you want to be.

Upgrade and hack your life
Upgrade and hack your life

Some people scoff at that, saying not to ‘mess with nature’ or evolution. Well, if that is true, then lets all remove our glasses, pacemakers, and insulin. All of these things help us ‘hack’ our natural-born abilities and limitations.

This Blog, I Hope, will share the experiences I have while I hack my diet, my genetics, my desktop, my laptop and more.

I plan to ‘hack’ my life and become healthier, wealthier, smarter, wiser, fitter, and debt free.

The Internet is a resource of unlimited potential. Lets reach our own unlimited potential.

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