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Exercise 2: The WallPush

Feeling that i’ve got running under control and since i’m now running 10 minutes a session, I thought it might be time to bring in another exercise.  Something good, something basic, something classic.

The Push-Up.

Push-ups are tough but easy once you get used to them. but what if i cant do a push up after all this time.  Well, luckily Raphael had me covered.

I used to crank out crazy amounts of push ups.  They work, and I used to be proof that they did.  So, to get back to where I was physically, and surpass it, ill need to incorporate push ups.  But let’s make them easy and start simple

By standing and pushing up and away horizontally, you can reduce the pressure and force downward, making it easier for those without the strength.  It’s a great way to make sure your form is perfect and for those with injuries, it can be a way to work out again.


Lets talk PushUps

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