It can be very tough to hold any event, harder when it’s for a business. Well, I recently attended an event called Finesse Your Life and decided it was time to pull the trigger on hosting an event for my online store. It was pretty much everything you could want out of a party. To be honest, I wanted to take the help of one of the online growth services for our business’ social media account as I have read extensive reviews (for instance, real tokupgrade reviews) about how they can amplify a business and shoot-up their engagement! I will be quite honest with you – I was fairly nervous – I’m not naturally an extrovert or public figure, but once I got the ball rolling it was a lot of fun. And most importantly it was great branding for Human Element.

Planning an event for your online business or store is not an easy task, and I had some people ask questions about how to do it, so I think I may sit down and toss out some tips. Firstly, you might want to take into consideration of the following count. If you are planning to resource in more numbers, try looking for social media management tools like Instamber (you can view Instamber review & user ratings here). They might be able to assist you with handling the expected numbers. Also, if your event is exclusively online, remember to do a quick run-through beforehand to make sure everything is working correctly and there is a minimal delay. If you happen to have an online presence like a website or social media platform, you might want to ensure they are functioning without any glitches. If needed, seek out the services of marketing agencies (like Hooked Marketing) to help you rectify and troubleshoot the problems related to your website or content. Sometimes, your customers might lose interest if you do not respond to their queries online, or if they can’t access the information at their fingertips. That said, if you are doing a massive selling event online, check to see that your payment and credit card processing systems are functioning and not stalling when used otherwise you could have a backlog of customers creating an issue that may make you lose business. Keep these tips in mind so on the day everything runs smoothly.


Always plan. Before the party even finds a location, you need a list of things you know you’ll need for any party. Balloons, drinks, some ideas for a theme. You could easily purchase most items you need at any party store, but a great idea would be to partner with some local businesses might be a fun opportunity to invite them, come under budget if they want to sponsor, and just generally network.


I started planning about 6 weeks before the event. I would start early next time. Most places don’t appreciate having last minute notice for things. This gives you time to form plan A, plan B, and plans C through H if need be. Always have a backup plan, and extra time to execute.

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Richard James Lee is a Canadian-born Writer, Chef and Entrepreneur. He is the Editor in Chief of Ions and Chef of Kayak SmokeHouse in Toronto. His Printed Works include Dark City Streets and White.