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Workout Log // Day Thirteen

Its been a crazy busy couple of weeks.  Its always nice to clear your head with a workout after a long day and week.

Warm Up:(x2)
Arm-Circles Forward: 8
Arm Circles Reverse: 8
Body Twist: 8

Shoulder Stability Curls
8 x 2 lbs

I’ve finally added some weight, and I am now actually lifting weights again.  Not a lot, true, but I don’t even feel it.  As I add on weight, I’ll add some more sets and then more weight etc.

Wall Push
1Foot away x 2 push

By the Numbers:

Speed: 3.0 mph
Distance: .68 Miles
Elevation: 3.5
Calories: 88
Heart Rate: 120 BMP
Time: 12:00

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