A Curious Thought

I had a curious thought just now. The Internet, being such a big open place

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the delay. a post should be up tomorrow.


Thinking about Thoughfulness Thursday

I’ve been thinking alot of thoughtfulness thursday and where it goes in my life. I mean this literally: thursday.  I need way more motivation come Monday morning, so starting next week we’re going for a mindful Monday theme. join me then!

Workout Log // Day Three

Workout Log //  Day Three

Every day makes a difference.

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Carpe Diem

Its another Mindful Monday.

Get up, get ready, and Seize the day.

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Weekend Update #2

Update:  These Weekend Updates are actually hard to write.  It’s clear I’m disorganized in every aspect, so it may take a few weeks to get my updates straight.

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