Quotes for Men to live by #6

According to the story, Machiavelli might have actually been aiming this quote at the reining Medici family of his day.  However, since the 16th century when it was made, it has struck a chord of relevance all the way into the 21st.

You are not restricted by your title or job.  If you are a Junior finance understudy in training, that does not mean that is all you are.  By a similar token, because you are a CEO of a large company, that is not all you are.  It is also not privilege to be above everyone because you work above them.

Jobs and titles do not define you.  They do not limit you.  They are worth what you put into them.

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Richard James Lee is a Canadian-born Writer, Chef and Entrepreneur. He is the Editor in Chief of Ions and Chef of Kayak SmokeHouse in Toronto. His Printed Works include Dark City Streets and White.


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