Starting Fresh with A Mazda

I rang in my new year with a test drive for an awesome new Mazda 3, and I think a new set of wheels gives me a new perspective on what way i want to live life and run a business.

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First of all, this car is sleek and modern – a big upgrade, just like my new outlook on life!  2019 is all about stopping self-doubt and thinking big.  I want to live a big, beautiful life full of good intentions, but also one that is thoughtful.

Yeah, this is sleeeek!  The inside seems so spacious – it’s perfect for getting groceries, taking a day trip, or making sure the dog has lots of room to stretch out.

The new Mazda 3 has a ton of awesome features – so many that I can’t even get into them here.  The ABS breaks are great, the fog lights are super snazzy and the bluetooth communication is flawless.  I’m mind blown.  This could take some time  to get used to.

Of course, you get upgrade even more, get push button start, review cameras etc, but this is more than enough car for me at the moment.  I love this car!

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Richard James Lee is a Canadian-born Writer, Chef and Entrepreneur. He is the Editor in Chief of Ions and Chef of Kayak SmokeHouse in Toronto. His Printed Works include Dark City Streets and White.

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