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SunShine and Vitamin D

Today I start something I always mean to actually do, but never seem to find the time to do.  Or maybe the impetus to do.  I do not spend enough time outdoors, and I’ve picked today to start getting outdoors because of one key factor:  it’s the shortest day of the year today.

Okay, so technically all the days of the year are 24 hour-long, However on the 21st of December, the sun shines the least of its glow upon the northern hemisphere, resulting in days that have less sun.

In my hometown, we are situated just above 43 latitude north.  That means we get very little sunshine come winter solstice time.  From December 20 until the 22 we get a total of 8 hrs and 55 minutes of sunlight.  That makes getting sunshine every day a tough chore, even harder if you happen to work more than 9 hours a day.  Add to that the freezing temperature and it’s not pleasant.

What we need, and how to get it:

However, sunshine provides the body with vitamin D3, which is a very important vitamin for us to absorb – it improves our skin, our mood, helps regulate our sleeping and waking patterns and much more.  The best way to get it is through sunshine, and starting today (the shortest days of the year), I am going to start small – baby steps small – and get some sun


And I need it.  The lack of sun – and lack of being outside enough – has rendered me ghostly.

So here goes.

Referencing the baby steps method, during the ‘shortest’ day of the year, I solemnly swear to stand outside and get ONE SECOND of sun shine.

Day two: 2 seconds.

Day 3: 5 seconds.

Now, it’s not only not sunny outside, it can also be bloody freezing.  So until it becomes a little warming, this experiment will be contained to just my face.  The rest of me will stay bundled up and warm.

Alright, let’s get sunny.

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