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Start Here.

I’ve been out of practice/shape for so long, and I’m so up to my ears in different thoughts and exercises and philosophies on getting in shape that I’m lost. Completely, utterly dumbfounded.

And then I found Raphael.

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Sometimes, you just have to jump on in, get moving, get started, get going. Sometimes, you realize what you could have done or been and you mentally contrast that with what you currently are, or more painfully, what you are not.

Sometimes you have to put method into action.


The Baby-Steps Method

Big, life-altering changes are few and far between. We all make big, grand, sweeping statements about losing all that extra weight, getting rid of all your debt, exercising every day and doing all those things you always say you’ll do or resolve to be every new years.

If you want all those things, you can have them, sure. However, going all in isn’t really the way to get there. To truly change your life, you just need to take the smallest step in the right direction. You need the Baby-Steps Method.

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Taking Stock // Where To Start

I ended up being sick most of Easter weekend and then a lot of the week after.  I got to thinking a lot about why I was sick, and about Health and how to fix it and the truth is:  its bloody complicated

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