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Project Music

Somedays /nights, I sit at my deck, at my laptop, and work.  I have project and lists and thing to do, and sometimes I need to put my head down and type.  Or get my tools out and fix and re-solder that thing I’ve been meaning to.  Or sometimes I need to completely rebuild a computer.  There are tons of instances where I need to hunker down and ‘do’.  And I found music that really helps.

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A Curious Thought

I had a curious thought just now.

The Internet, being such a big open place with everything there ever was and is stuffed in it, is a repository of all the things.  Anything you want to learn, read, watch, hear, understand, research or comment on is Online.

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When I was in grade school, I started making lists. My to-do list of things to do outline my day in no real importance, noting I had school, then after-school practice, then homework, then perhaps some chores I needed/was required to get done.

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How Are Technical Difficulties Still A Thing?

Sometimes, it amazes me how far behind the lead I can get.  How is it that I own a Laptop that still struggles to load a webpage, or lags when I write a document.  None of those things are even that hard on a system, and I do a lot of Video Editing.  So, how is this still an Issue?  How have I let it stay an Issue?  I have some (Technical) catching up to do with my Toys.

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What does being a Lifehacker mean?

I often call myself a ‘Lifehacker’, and when people ask me the all too-lackadaisical question ‘so, what do you do’ I never say ‘Lifehacker’

Why?  Because it’s not really a ‘thing’ – it’s a very general word these days, often meaning a combination of: clean eater, gym rat, occasional book reader, white hat hacker and crafty artisan all rolled up into one.

So let me try to explain why I’m a Lifehacker.

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