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Quotes for Men to Live By #3

In Albert Camus’ novel the Fall, Camus wrote this line in reference to Clemence’s collision between his self and his over inflated self-image.  There is a lot to be understood from this single line.

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Weekend Update: The Week of the Virus

As I Mentioned a bit before, I’ve been pretty sick this week – but so has my computer.  All of them.  I own something like 4 laptops, and a couple hard drives and then some storage units.  They all have a virus of one kind or another, and its caused work to slow to a near halt.  This is my Sunday spent trying to determine what is wrong and how to fix it

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The First Exercise

If you’ve been following this blog, you know a bit about  the journey from absolutely Zero exercise to becoming the best a person can be.  And through this journey, I’ve used something I call the Baby Steps method – small, barely noticeable changes you can maintain and grow upon.  Today, I’m delving into a world I used to know quite a bit, but I’m putting all my knowledge on the shelf and learning from the beginning:  I’m taking on weight lifting.

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Wednesday, October 22nd

Its another late Wednesday night.  Remember, the hardest step is always the first one out the door.

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Why you should (or maybe shouldn’t) be taking a Multivitamin

If only diet was simple. Theres been a lot of talk and studies about multivitamins and whether or not they are good, bad, or neutral for you. Although Multi’s can provide very real health benefits they can also cause a host of problems. You should always speak to your doctor or dietician about making significant changes in your life and that includes huge doses of vitamins, but this is the basics on multivitamins, so let’s get into it.

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