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The Baby-Steps Method

Big, life-altering changes are few and far between. We all make big, grand, sweeping statements about losing all that extra weight, getting rid of all your debt, exercising every day and doing all those things you always say you’ll do or resolve to be every new years.

If you want all those things, you can have them, sure. However, going all in isn’t really the way to get there. To truly change your life, you just need to take the smallest step in the right direction. You need the Baby-Steps Method.

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What does being a Lifehacker mean?

I often call myself a ‘Lifehacker’, and when people ask me the all too-lackadaisical question ‘so, what do you do’ I never say ‘Lifehacker’

Why?  Because it’s not really a ‘thing’ – it’s a very general word these days, often meaning a combination of: clean eater, gym rat, occasional book reader, white hat hacker and crafty artisan all rolled up into one.

So let me try to explain why I’m a Lifehacker.

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