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    Personal Finance

    Why Net Worth Matters

    Net Worth matters.  If you have an interest in your own personal finance, it matters.  Its simple really – if you build your wealth, you have options.  It lets you travel, change careers, or eventually retire.  Its the difference between Renting a house and Owning a Home.  Most people who worry about these aspects of personal finance worry about income – about how much they earn.  You and your wallet are better served if you worry about your Net Worth.

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    Quotes for Men to Live By #7

    Do what makes you happy. This might be a cliché in some circles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.  This advice may not make you rich,  but money is not the end all and be all of life.  There is nothing in the world more valuable that doing what you truly love.  If love painting go paint.  If you love cooking, be a chef.  If taking out the trash tickles your fancy, then be the best goddamn trash man out there. And, if like Dylan, you love rocking out and touring the world, do it. life is too short to do anything else.  Get out there, and do what…