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The Weekend Update: Nothing to Say

Sometimes, even I have nothing to say

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Should Sports Matter?

Its been a long 6 games, at the time of this writing, since the Toronto Maple Leafs have won a game. In that span the entire team managed as many goals as Alexander Ovechkin has – and he is one man. This has produced outrage, vitriol, insane Twitter madness over the lack of wins from the boys in blue. The city is in uproar, frustration, even CBC is talking about it. All of this begs the question: Why do we even care?

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Bye Bye, Montreal

When I lived downtown in the big city, I played in a band.  After practice, I would drive towards the lake with a coffee and just sit.  It would be cold, leaf-less, and lonely.  And a favourite radio channel of mine, CBC Radio 2, played this song once as I fled the condo towers and sped through bare trees and old homes of High Park.  This song is how I felt back then.

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A Curious Thought

I had a curious thought just now.

The Internet, being such a big open place with everything there ever was and is stuffed in it, is a repository of all the things.  Anything you want to learn, read, watch, hear, understand, research or comment on is Online.

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The Birthday

Another Year.  I just hit a small milestone, but it was still another year.  I’m almost what people call mid-thirties and thats frightening for a lot of reasons, namely I have done nothing.  I don’t feel like I have much to be proud of or impressed with or that I have accomplished much.  Today, Im hitting pause, going to consider many things, like what this blog is about and start to live my best life.  Ive been waiting for along time, and that time has finally come.

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