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Workout Log // Day Six

Last week, I added some simple movement based body weight exercises, designed to help with every day life.  This is also the last day of September.  Hard to believe soon it will be Winter.  Let’s finish up strong.

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The First Exercise

If you’ve been following this blog, you know a bit about  the journey from absolutely Zero exercise to becoming the best a person can be.  And through this journey, I’ve used something I call the Baby Steps method – small, barely noticeable changes you can maintain and grow upon.  Today, I’m delving into a world I used to know quite a bit, but I’m putting all my knowledge on the shelf and learning from the beginning:  I’m taking on weight lifting.

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Wednesday, October 22nd

Its another late Wednesday night.  Remember, the hardest step is always the first one out the door.

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Warm up and Weights: Day Two

After last finally, it finally begins to feel like a routine of sorts.  A ‘weights’ day then a cardio day.  This week we’re going to add one more rep to the mix

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Workout Log // Day Ten

Another week has come, and using my mindset from Monday, this week is all about plodding ahead.

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