The Beginners Guide to Hygiene, Grooming and Style (Part 1)The Beginners Guide to Hygiene, Grooming and Style (Part 1)
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The Beginners Guide to Hygiene, Grooming and Style (Part 1)

You can’t control your genes (well maybe you can soon) and you can’t alter your physical traits (well you can) but you can control how to use what you have and what you were born with. Being healthy, hygienic and a better human is a combination of several different factors all at work with or against each other.

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Personality, style, grooming, cleanliness. Being better at everything includes being better physically, and that means hygienic, well-groomed and making the most attractive self you can be.


Yes, this is kind of shallow and about being good-looking. But who doesn’t want to be good-looking? Or better looking?

fit yoga couplefit yoga couple

To be our best mentally and spiritually, we have to perfect ourselves physically as well.

So this is kind of about how you look.

If you’re looking to be better for a party, or completely at a loss at how to look as an adult, there are some simple changes you can do to be better.

To Be Continued..

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