Dirty Car

The Curious Case of the UnClean Car Part 1

I’ve had quite the cold recently, and the worst place to have a cold is in the car.  You can’t really blow your nose, after all – Hands on the wheel and all the that.  And when you sit down for a long time, your sinuses tend to run.  Bad Deal.  This has really made a poor impression on my poor car.

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This car is two years old, but it looks much older than that.  It’s mostly dirty, because it’s a workhorse.  It takes me to work and back every day (at least an hour per direction) and on the weekends it gets me out-of-town to the mountains or the beach.

Dirty Car

There is a little compartment and it is a little mess.  This particular pocket of disaster is a perfect intersection: by the exit for ‘later’ and by me while I’m driving.  It’s the worst of both worlds.  This is my Chore of the day.

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