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The Music Collection (Part 1)

Ever since the big move – and really, even the smaller one I had some 5 years prior to that – my music collection got shuffled, moved, put away, disordered and all together messed up.  Theres no order, no rhyme, no reason.  Some CDs are on a shelf, some shelves are on different floors and some CDs are even in an old Filing Cabinet.  What a Mess.

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I sat down some days ago, determined to fix it all, to reorganize and finally create the perfect music organizational system.

Well, the start of one anyway,

So, naturally, let’s start with an actually physical place to put them.

The Living Room, Set One

The Living Room, slowly being set up, is a great place.  It’s for lounging, friends, games, TV, and of course, Music.  It’s where the TV, DVD player, and Nintendo Wii are.  All those things: kind of disconnected and disarranged in their own right.

The DVD Player is about 10 years old.  I bought it still in high school and its served me well, but is already on its last legs.  It doesn’t play Blu-Rays, so that’s a limited factor, but it does read MP3s, CDs and even Jpegs.  So, useless?

Philips DVD Player

It’s also a 5.1 surround system.  Or rather it WOULD be, but we petsat (pet sitter?) one night and our guest took to chewing on the cables.  So one speaker is gone, but the others work, and when it’s replaced, it will likely be in the same spot.

Philips DVD Player Centre Speaker

I’m using a refurbished IKEA CD shelf for this.  Stained it a darker brown some years back and its perfect for CDs.

Ikea Shelf
Mind The Junk

This is home for music.

When I bought the CD/DVD player, and the IKEA shelf, CDs were THE thing.  Ever since, we’ve gone to mp3s and streaming, so its clear that while the CDs physicality will limit them to a physical spot, I do play on ripping and importing them all into a server which really has yet to be powered up.

Thinks CDs are bad to digitize?  Don’t get me started on my crazy huge vinyl collection.  

Ikea Shelf CD

So that’s it.  I guess I’ll pull the records and CDs out on by one and order and organize.

Here we Go.

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