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Sometimes, you just have to jump on in, get moving, get started, get going. Sometimes, you realize what you could have done or been and you mentally contrast that with what you currently are, or more painfully, what you are not.

Sometimes you have to put method into action.

I want to be perfectly, crystal clear: I am not nor have I ever been a fat kid.

Actually, my problem growing up was the exact opposite. I was a stick.

Eat as I might, and could, and did, I could not gain a painful ounce of muscle. I taught myself over time to eat way past being full, and to eat more often and to bust my balls at the gym and lift until the proud day came. My second year of University I happily weighed 210lbs. I could have passed for a jock.

The years ticked on and things went sideways. Stress from exams and graduating and post-grad work and then real work, and jobs, careers and finances and debt and on and on wore out my resolve over the next 10 years.

I became – sorry, lets keep ourselves accountable – AM horrifyingly out of shape. Well, not horrifyingly. I saw 300 on DVD is the problem, and I realized how far I personally am from the peak of biological physical fitness.

“I want to look like that” I said, admirably.

“Yes, Please”, said my Girlfriend.

The abs from 300
Seriously. How many sit-ups are they doing?!?

Point is, you can’t just go from Zero to Hero. Its downright dangerous – if my posture or form is off I could do serious damage.

And let’s be clear: I don’t want to simply lift or get fit.

I’m going to push my limits – mental, physical, biological.

Get Outside your comfort Zone

Sometimes you have to put method into action.

The rules of the experiment are as follows:

Being away from the gym for so long has more than likely given me significant ‘Ring Rust‘. I will start slow, using the Baby Steps method I’ve talked about before. I will start with Cardio, building up my speed to a brisk walk, and then increase my time doing it. I will introduce some weights slowly, and add-on a rep until I reach one full set of 8. And then add sets until I have 3. Then I will increase the weight.

Let’s Get Busy.

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  2. I’d suggest starting with light weights on a Starting Strength 5×5 program, actually. Cardio is great and all, but you will actually see better results from weight training. Just keep it light, use tutorials for form, and like you said, build up.

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