What is a Home Network and How to Build One

What is a Home Network and How to Build One

Do you remember the very first telephones? If you’ve seen the grainy black and white footage, you remember a bunch of operators sitting in one room, patching people through to who they wanted to be connected to. Thanks to technology, our phones connect themselves. Even cooler is that many different devices can communicate with each other when connected to a central hub. This hub is a Network and you can build one for your own house very easily


What Is a Home Computer Network?

A home ‘network’ is a system of connecting and linking devices to the Internet and each other. A home network used to be mostly wired with cables, but now is mostly wireless, connecting all devices to a central hub, which then goes on to connect to the Internet. Most office-based businesses tend to have a very similar set up to this, but their networks are typically boosted by some of the best phone systems Melbourne has to offer.

When all connected to a network, different devices can talk to each other: computer can access files on other computers, you can print to a printer from a different room. Your television can play movies and music from your computer and all devices can get access to the Internet


Why Set up a Home Network

A Home Network, when it is set up properly, can save you time, keep you organized, make tasks easier and even save some money. A Network lets you use a single Internet connection for several devices while allowing the devices to interact.

And it might surprise some people how many devices, beyond computers, can use a Home Network. Many people use their network for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which is an internet telephone system. Others use it for a home media network, a home security system, and more. There are networked printers, digital video recorders, game consoles, internet-enabled TV’s and Blu-Ray players, and way more.

What makes a Home Network exciting, is that unlike, say your electrical system, you can create a home network fairly easily. The devices and components are easy to get, can be inexpensive and are easy to set up.

Do you have a home network in place? What were some of the biggest challenges in getting it set up, and what are your favorite uses for the network?

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