Daily Diary - Tuesday Feb 17
Daily Diary

Workout Log // Day Nine

With an added Warm-Up and a fond look back on far I’ve come, I’ve opted for a bigger boost in speed than normal.  Lets turn things up

Daily Diary - Tuesday Feb 17 2

The Breakdown:

Warm Up:
Arm-Circles Forward: 8Arm Circles Reverse: 8
Body Twist: 8

TreadMill Run: 5 Minutes

By the Numbers:

Speed: 2.5 mph
Distance: .21 Miles
Elevation: 0
Calories: 18
Heart Rate: 108 BMP
Time: 5:00

A Warm up is always a definitive plus, but Cardio is only one half of the equation.  We need to talk about flexing some muscles…

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