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Workout Log // Day Seventeen

It feels like forever since I’ve done one of these.  Not that I’ve been out of the gym, although I was absent for about a week, but I’ve been neglecting these blog posts.  Ok, here’s a quick update:

Warm Up:(x2)
Arm-Circles Forward: 8
Arm Circles Reverse: 8
Body Twist: 8

Shoulder Stability Curls
3 sets of 8 reps each x 10lbs

10lbs is actually really tough, especially on the elbow joints.

Wall Push
1.5 Feet-steps away x 8 push x 2Sets

By the Numbers:

Speed: 3.4 mph
Distance: 1.34 Miles
Elevation: 1.5
Calories: 174
Heart Rate: 130 BMP
Time: 25:00

A little quicker, and a little longer means .3 miles farther, and 70 calories more burned. 

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