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Workout Log // Day Six

Last week, I added some simple movement based body weight exercises, designed to help with every day life.  This is also the last day of September.  Hard to believe soon it will be Winter.  Let’s finish up strong.

To be honest, I’m beginning to get anxious/frustrated with not doing some more strenuous exercises. Prior to this experiment some time ago, I exercised regularly. So for those who use the baby steps method and focus on form and movement but are used to lifting big heavy weights: prepare for a bit of boredom.


By the Numbers:

Speed: 3.0 mph
Distance: .25 Miles
Elevation: 0
Calories: 20
Heart Rate: 118 BMP
Time: 5:00

Its impressive to see how far I’ve come after starting from barely half a mile per hour.  Its starting to feel like  a Workout when you add in Warm ups and Excerises.  But where to go from here?

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