Daily Diary

Workout Log // Day Twenty Five

Here’s my new current weekly workout schedule:  Monday morning – Cardio.  Tuesday Morning – Total body.  Wednesday – Abs.  Whats on Tap for Thursday then?

Upper Body

Theres something about blasting the biceps and pecs.  Upper body is something I used to over train and work – it’s the ‘show’ muscles.  They’re the muscles you work out to how off in the summer.  It’s the reason people DO skip leg day.  Anyway, this workout was tough – not hard, but hard to do because it’s using bands.  i tend to use free weights and dumbbells so I had to make some changes.

All in all, a great part of an overall workout.

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Richard James Lee is a Canadian-born Writer, Chef and Entrepreneur. He is the Editor in Chief of Ions and Chef of Kayak SmokeHouse in Toronto. His Printed Works include Dark City Streets and White.