You Gotta Hear This: Everybody has a Hungry Heart

I really wanted to do something on the weekends for you guys, and I think this is it.  Amongst everything else I do, when I was younger I was quite the smashing musician.  I can play it all: guitar, piano, bass, drums, didgeridoo, djembe.  Seriously.  I can, and have, written a lot of my own music, put out some albums and have, I think, a very odd/eclectic/varied taste that can appeal to everyone.  With that in mind, here is one of my favorites:

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Bruce Springsteen: Hungry Heart

It’s brilliantly written; simple, forward, full of hook and full of soul.  The saxophone and keys twinkle in the background, the boss’s voice gravelly in the front, but soulful backup singers keep it light.

There is something about this sound.  I can’t tell you how ‘Hungry Heart’ makes me feel.  It’s a very unique feeling.  Its a great way to spend a happy weekend.

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