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You Gotta Hear This!

You Gotta Hear This: Voice of Compassion

This weekend, I wanted to share something I first heard along time ago. I was looking up some very general ‘Realxing Music’ and I found this gem. It was instantly relaxing, stress-relieving and it’s this weekends Saturday Soundtrack, and You Gotta Hear This!

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Voice of Compassion by Stephen Rhodes

Its a very simply piece, written mostly on Piano with some light synth and chimes. There are essentially three suites to this piece, but my favorite is the first; the light tinkling piano makes me feel instantly calm and relaxed – it feels like compassion.

After some digging I came across the composer, Stephen Rhodes, and loved a great deal of the stuff he does, all in the same style. This song, ‘Voice of Compassion’ has essentially become my go-to song to begin to unwind. I dig it, in a very mellow way, and I hope you do to.

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